Adam storytellingI have been telling stories publicly and socially for over two decades now. I do it because it is my passion, my love. I do it for charity events and for festivals. A founder member of the Worth Valley Storytelling Guild, I have been hosting the Haworth Storytelling Circle since March 2012.

I have been a major contributor to the British Druid Order Bardic grade course, initially creating the section on bardic memory and currently engaged in rewriting the entire section on storytelling. Of this course, Professor Ronald Hutton has said “… the most intelligent and erudite sequential introduction to modern Druidry available.”. Feedback from students includes “I have completed the Bardic course and loved every life enriching word of it. Thank you for a wonderful experience. It is one I will continue to go back to time and again and learn even more from. I would highly recommend the Bardic course to anyone.” My involvement in the British Druid Order and the course material is something I am deeply, deeply proud of.

An ongoing project to explore the relationship between trance states, storytelling and the experience of listening to story. The Elements of Enchantment project has a number of child projects that inlude various performances such as The Marvelous Mechanical Storytelling Machine, an experiment in nested story. It also looks at storytelling as a means of bypassing critical thinking in politics, propaganda and in healing.

A project that resulted from a collaboration with mindfulness practitioner and storyteller Sita Brand. Participants are invited to identify 6 core beliefs about their identity, their acheivements, their place within the world, and to construct symbols or metaphors that represent those beliefs. They are then guided in working with these symbols to help narrate their sense of identity in more constructive and useful ways.